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Welcome to SuccessfilledTM!

  • How might feeling less stressed affect your life?
  • How might an expanded lens of personal and professional opportunity enhance your present and future?
  • In what ways might increasing your resilience, so you can rebound more quickly when stressed, affect you?
  • How might it feel to envision and create the life you want?

I’m guessing pretty amazing! If so, you can start to shift to a more peaceful, resilient, and opportunity-focused life from your home, office or favorite locale!

Ways to Enhance Your Life!

Calming Clarity Coaching Call

Improve your peace of mind by clarifying your next steps with this single coaching call session.

Relaxation Reiki Recharge

Refresh and restore with this single reiki energy healing session.

The Stress Less, Smile More Coaching Program

This personalized program is designed to help you to relieve your stress to achieve the resulting shift you desire.

The SuccessfilledTM Custom Coaching Package

This custom coaching package targets the current areas of your life where you would most like to see improvement.

The SuccessfilledTM Relaxation Reiki Reboot

These reiki energy healing sessions help melt away stress and foster growth.

My Motivation

Hi, I’m Alicia, Owner of SuccessfilledTM LLC, Certified Professional Coach, MBA, Reiki Master Teacher, Red Light Therapist and Educator. I left the corporate world, because I’m on a mission to foster a global shift. A shift to help people reduce their stress, increase their resiliency, and to tap into the power of what I consider to be our greatest resource: our human potential.

When you look back a year from now, how would your life be different if you took action today? What would it look and feel like if you didn’t start today? I’m guessing not much would have changed.

The key is to stop wishing your life were different, and to start to water those wilted dreams you’ve been ignoring, transforming them drop by drop into a vibrant, flourishing life!

Your radiant life is ready and waiting to blossom.

Will you ignore it’s potential? Or, will you decide you’re ready to feel truly alive and thrive? If not now, when?